Development and sales
of bioluminescent probes and functionalized near infrared fluorescent dyes.
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Bioluminescent probes:
  • D-Luciferin free acid
  • D-Luciferin potassium salt
  • Slow release D-luciferin (Split Luciferin) cell assay kit
  • Caspase 3/7 5-mouse kit
  • Caspase 8 5-mouse kit (amino-CBT)
  • Fatty acid uptake probe
Functionalized near infrared fluorescent dyes:
  • ICG NHS ester
  • ICG NHS ester (high purity)
  • ICG maleimide
  • ICG azide
  • ICG alkyne
  • ICG PEG NHS ester
  • IR-820 NHS ester
  • IR-820 maleimide
  • IR-820 CBT
  • IR-820 azide
  • IR-820 alkyne
Probe components:
  • Azido palmitic acid
  • Azido triglyceride
  • 6-hydroxy-2-cyanobenzothiazole  (hydroxy-CBT)
  • 6-amino-2-cyanobenzothiazole  (amino-CBT)
Bacterial infection probes:
  • BacteriTrace Vanco
Oncology probes:
  • IntegrinTrace
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Who we are
Intrace Medical SA develops and commercializes bioluminescent and near infrared fluorescent molecular imaging probes for in vitro and in vivo use. Intrace Medical is commited to provide researchers with cutting-edge tools for preclinical imaging of important biological processes in nutritional science, cell and molecular biology, immunology, oncology and cancer biology as well as infectious diseases. Our increasing probe portfolio enables researchers to monitor, follow and understand the role of the underlying processes in disorders and disease development, develop new drugs and treatment procedures.

Special areas: bioluminescence, fluorescence, near infrared, imaging, in vivo imaging, protease activity, caspase, fatty acid, luciferin, cleavable luciferin, functionalized ICG, functionalized indocyanine green, antibody labeling, nanoparticle labeling, bacterial infection probes. 

Business directions

  • Sales of preclinical imaging agents for use in biological and medical research
  • Сommercialization of clinically relevant discoveries
  • Research and development in the field of image guided surgery and early diagnostics of bacterial infection in implants